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July 2024
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Making Summer Home Improvements? Here Are the Top Five ROI
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Homeowners and investors aim to maximize their property value. Before diving into costly renovations, it's essential to know which upgrades offer the highest returns. The "Remodeling 2024 Cost vs. Value Report," from Zonda, ranks home improvement projects by return on investment (ROI). Interestingly, most top-ranking projects involve exterior upgrades, underscoring the importance of curb appeal. Here are the report's key insights:

Boost Curb Appeal with a Garage Door Replacement (194% ROI)

Replacing your garage door can significantly enhance your home's appearance. If your current door is old or damaged, it can detract from your home's curb appeal, affecting potential buyers' impressions. This upgrade, costing around $4,513 on average, can increase your resale value to $8,751.

Enhance Security and Style with a Steel Door Replacement (188% ROI)

Upgrading to a steel door is a wise choice if your current entry door is worn-out or damaged. Steel doors offer superior security and durability against harsh weather compared to wood or fiberglass doors. With an average cost of $2,355, this upgrade adds a modern, aesthetic appeal to your property.

Improve Exterior Aesthetics with Manufactured Stone Veneer (153% ROI)

Enhancing your property with manufactured stone veneer significantly improves its visual appeal. Costing around $11,287 on average, this upgrade can increase your resale value to $17,291. Stone veneer is durable and lightweight compared to actual stone, making it suitable for various exterior applications.

Make an Impact with a Grand Entrance Upscale (97% ROI)

Investing in a fiberglass grand entrance project can leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. With an average cost of $11,353, this upgrade involves widening the entrance, installing a fiberglass door with sidelights, and upgrading trim to enhance curb appeal.

Modernize with a Minor Kitchen Remodel (96% ROI)

While not offering the highest ROI compared to exterior upgrades, a minor kitchen remodel remains popular for homeowners seeking to enhance functionality and modernize their living spaces. With an average cost of $27,492, homeowners can expect to recover $26,406 of their costs when they sell their home.

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