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Painting a Brick Home Is Trendy. Here's What You Should Know
Image: Leekris / Adobestock

For homeowners looking to refresh their home's exterior, painted brick has become the go-to, thanks to trends like modern farmhouse aesthetics and minimalism. However, it's smart to consider whether this trend will last. Styles change, and what looks appealing today could become outdated in the future, potentially lowering your home's resale value. Additionally, reverting painted brick is extremely difficult and will likely damage the brick. Consider these factors before you paint:

Brick Needs to Breathe

Brick is porous and needs to breathe, requiring a special type of paint and primer. Standard latex or oil-based paints are not suitable because they trap moisture. Instead, use vapor-permeable masonry paint, which allows moisture to escape and prevents water damage. A mineral-based paint or a silicate paint that's designed to be breathable is recommended for brick, such as the brand KEIM. Failing to use the right paint can lead to serious issues, such as brick deterioration and structural damage over time.

Assess Your Brick's Condition

Painting over damaged brick will exacerbate problems. If your brick has spalling or structural issues, painting it might lead to costly repairs down the line. Moreover, if your home has historically significant or handmade brick, painting it can destroy its historical value and unique aesthetic.

Preparation and Professional Expertise

Painting brick is not a simple task; it requires careful preparation and attention to detail. Hiring a professional with experience in painting brick is recommended to ensure the job is done correctly. Professionals can also assess the brick's condition and advise if painting is a good idea or if other preservation methods are more suitable. 

Painting a brick home can give it a nice face-lift, but it's a big decision, so look at the possible risks and costs involved. It's always a good idea to talk with experts to make sure your home's value and structure stay intact.

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