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July 2024
Real Estate Update
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Making Summer Home Improvements? Here Are the Top Five ROI
Interestingly, most top-ranking projects involve exterior upgrades, underscoring the importance of curb appeal.
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Want to Know Your Home's Current Market Value?
Going on Vacation? Use Smart Technology to Secure Your Home
Here's how smart technology can keep your home safe from burglaries while you're away.
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Painting a Brick Home Is Trendy. Here's What You Should Know
Painting a brick home can give it a nice face-lift, but it's a big decision, so look at the possible risks involved.
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Changes Ahead: How the NAR Settlement Affects Buying and Selling
This settlement aims to address complaints from home sellers and will take effect on August 17, 2024.
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Sales Decline Amid Rising Prices and Inventory Growth
Median prices for existing single-family homes reached record highs, up 5.6% from a year ago.
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